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We are a small veterinary hospital that provides medical care to small animals and large animals located just off Highway 9 near Lake Thunderbird. We have two veterinarians and staff to help with all your animal care needs. Currently we are not taking on new cattle or horse clients but we do see a variety of other livestock and pocket pets. Call and make your appointment today. 1-405-360-8990.


Update on COVID-19 Policies

We want everyone to know Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital is currently open during our normal hours to care for your pets. We have enhanced cleaning procedures to make sure areas are more thoroughly and regularly cleaned and sanitized in our hospital. We are practicing social distancing to make things safer for our clients and staff. At this time we are not allowing clients inside the hospital. We ask that all of our clients wait in their vehicle while your pet is being examined.  When you get to our parking lot call our office and let us know you are here. We will come get your pet and bring them back to you after their examination. If you have any questions, please call us at (405) 360-8990. Thank you for your patience. 

At this time we ask that you not bring your pet in if you have a fever or symptoms of respiratory illness. 


Thank You!

Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital Staff

Now Offering

Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital is excited to announce we are now​ offering Proheart 12, a 12 month injectable heartworm preventative, and Trupanion Pet Insurance. Please inquire during your next visit. 

What's new?



Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital would like for you to join us in welcoming Dr. Samantha Coppedge. 

Upcoming Closed Dates

The doctors and staff at Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital would like to make you aware of some changes to our operating hours. Beginning June 8th Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital will begin closing every third Saturday. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, as always if you have any  questions please let us know. 

Our clinic will be CLOSED on the following dates:

Saturday - February 06, 2021

Saturday - February 27, 2021

Saturday - March 20, 2021

Saturday - April 10, 2021

Saturday - May 01, 2021

Saturday - May 22, 2021


February is Dental Month!

We are limited in the number of dentals that we are able to perform. Please sign up early to receive one of our open slots.  

Notice About 3 Year Rabies Shots

It is important that pets starting their vaccinations or that have received their 1 year rabies shot get their next vaccination on time, within 1 year of receiving their last rabies shot. Timing is very important to switch your pet to the three year rabies shot, if you miss the deadline your pet may have to start over with the one year rabies vaccination and have to wait an entire year before switching to the 3 year rabies shot. 

Please try to schedule in advance so you will be able to get an appointment when your pet's vaccinations are due. 

 Offering Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy advantages include faster healing, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoring mobility. 


Many pets can benefit from laser therapy. Including pets that suffer from arthritis pain, postoperative pain, inflammation, and it improves blood circulation.



Be On The Look Out!

A new tick has been spotted in the United States. It is called the Longhorned Tick or the Bush Tick. If you think you have seen this tick please take it to your closest OSU extension office. They will need the following information along with the tick street address or GPS coordinates where it was found, type of animal or if it was collected from a person, and the date of collection. 

This tick is a possible carrier for anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, spotted fever rickettsia, and Lyme disease. The most likely pathogen that the tick can transmit is the protozoan pathogen that causes Theileriosis in cattle. For more information visit OSU's Pest Alert

Have a question?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page to see if we have the answer. 


From when to get your puppy or kitten shots to how to remove the skunky scent after your pet is sprayed. 

Food Recall

A food recall has been issued for Sportmix brand pet foods due to Aflatoxin, a type of mold, which can be dangerous and even deadly to pets. 

Symptoms of dogs experiencing Aflatoxin poisoning include sluggishness, jaundice -yellowish tint to the eyes or gums, loss of appetite, or vomiting and may cause long term liver damage or death. 

Foods being recalled were made by Midwestern Pet Foods located in Oklahoma with an expiration date on or before July 9, 2022 with "05" in the date or lot code.  

A full list of the recalled foods may be found in an article by CNN. Click here for the article.  

Cold Weather Tips

  • Remember that pets should have access to clean, unfrozen water at all times. 

  • All outdoor pets should have shelter from wind, rain, and snow with some type of fresh clean insulation to help keep them warm. Blankets and straw are common insulators. They should be checked for vermin (mice, insects, etc), dirt, and other hazards on occasion, such as loose strings or chewing which may be hazardous to the health of your pet.

  • Extra food should be provided as your pet will be burning more calories to keep warm.
  • Indoor animals with short or thin hair may require a sweater or jacket when going outside.
  • If you walk your dogs on streets that get salted after snow or ice then booties may be required to protect their feet from the chemicals or abrasion of the salt. 
  • Please remember to check the wheel wells of your cars before driving, for cats and other animals that might climb up on tires for warmth. Banging on your car hood is another way to warn animals to leave the area before you start your car.
  • If your pet is not already microchipped, consider getting this simple procedure done today to insure that if your pet does get lost they may be returned home in a timely manner. If your pet has tags or is already microchipped please make sure all information is up to date. 

A Note About Reminders

We are no longer sending out reminders for services due such as vaccinations and Proheart injections via text or e-mail. Our automated reminder service was not sending notices appropriately. At this time, we are sending out reminders via postcard. Please make sure your address is correct in our system. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank You!

An Ounce of Prevention...

Parasites can be a problem year round. Please remember to keep your pets current on their flea and tick medications. Fleas and ticks can cause a whole host of problems for you and your pets not just scratching and irritation. They can cause disease, anemia, and in severe cases death. Don't forget to pick up your flea and tick preventative today. If you're not sure which preventative is best for your pets please talk to your veterinarian or one of our friendly staff. 


Remember dogs must remain on heartworm prevention year round. If they miss their monthly dosing, a heartworm test may be required before we can refill their next prescription.  

We are now carrying Bravecto, a topical flea and tick treatment for cats, that lasts up to 12 weeks with one application. Some species of ticks including those that spread Bobcat Fever may only be covered for up to 8 weeks. Please contact us about getting Bravecto for your cat(s) today. 

If you would prefer a non-topical flea and tick preventative we also carry Seresto collars which provide up to 8 months of flea and tick prevention for both dogs and cats!!

Some types of treatments are prescription only and require that clients have an established doctor patient relationship in which one of our veterinarians has seen your pet within a year before they may be dispensed. 









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