About us


 Dr. Susan Mack and Dr. Michelle Corr built Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital in 1993.  They were classmates at OSU and graduated in 1987.  After working for other veterinarians they decided to open their own practice in the Little Axe community near Lake Thunderbird.  They both wanted to have a mixed animal practice and built their clinic  accordingly.  If you build it, they will come. And come they did! 

They initially started with 2 veterinarians and one veterinary technician in 1993. Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital has since grown to include three veterinarians and multiple veterinary technicians and staff. In 2021 our team welcomed Dr. Samantha Coppedge in January and Dr. Nicole M. Irizarry Larriuz in June.   

Dr. Susan Mack is a member of the Little Axe Chamber of Commerce through which we offer Scholarships for senior High school students.   

Dr. Michelle Corr retired January 1, 2019. 



World's Best Veterinary Clinic


I have lived all over the U.S. and have experienced a multitude of veterinarian clinics over the years. I have more faith and comfort with these 3 vets than any of the others. They have helped me through everything from birthing puppies to providing loving comfort during deaths of my pets. This clinic (I include all the technicians and assistants, too) is a wonderful place if you have pets that need medical care. They will explain everything and take time with you, unlike other places that usher you out the door without as much as a "Goodbye". My latest medical problem was extremely serious, when my Boxer female developed a horrendous mastitis and 106 degree temp. Because of their extensive knowledge, experience and caring, my girl is alive today. I will never go to another vet clinic, NEVER!!! Thank you Susan, Michelle, Sherri and the whole office, I love ya!

Jeane B.

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