Meet the Doctors and Staff

Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital has a dedicated staff to treat your pets. Come get to know the people who will be taking care of your animals.

Susan Mack DVM

I Received my first college degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma. In 1987 I obtained my DVM from Oklahoma State University. Before attending college I worked for my family on a custom wheat harvesting crew traveling from Texas to Montana every May through the end of August. My first job as a veterinarian was in Davis, Oklahoma. It was primarily a large animal practice (80% cattle & 20% everything else) and covered a 50 mile radius including Arbuckle Wilderness.

Reason for Becoming a Veterinarian: "I grew up on a farm in northern Oklahoma with cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. My dad did a lot of his own "veterinary work" but we did call out the vet on major cases. Our vet was Dr. Harry James, whom many of you may know. It was very fascinating to watch him work. He seemed to be able to just look at an animal and know what was wrong. I wanted to do that too. Thanks Dr. James. I have never regretted my decision."

Most Interesting Day at Work: "A tie between working on a baby black rhino for Arbuckle Wilderness and attempting to repair a pig with a uterine prolapse.

Specialties: "I don't see myself as having any specialties but I enjoy working cattle."

Pets: I currently have 5 dogs, 6 cats (2 are my mom's), 2 horses, and 5 cows with calves.

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Samantha Coppedge DVM

I could never imagine doing anything else with my life besides practicing veterinary medicine, even when it drives me crazy! I wanted to be a veterinarian ever since I read my first James Herriot book when I was 9 years old. Around that same time, my family got my first childhood pet: a Brittany/pointer mix named Bonnie Sue. Now, my heart dog is a shelter mutt named Reggie. My other two pets currently include a "tripawd" terrier mix named Alice and a five pound diva rescue pomeranian named Tonks. My hobbies include indoor and outdoor rock climbing, kayaking, camping, and listening to live music. I also love a good Sooner football game! Professionally, my areas of interest are dermatology, dentistry, and surgery. 

Dr. Nicole M. Irizarry Larriuz
Nicole M. Irizarry Larriuz DVM

“I could have never picture myself in a job that was not directly related to animals and their wellbeing. This is how I started my journey to become a veterinarian. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, the Island where I grew up. Then I went to Mississippi State University where I gained my DVM degree. I moved to Oklahoma with my partner and our two beloved mutts Leonidas (cat) and Juvia (dog) to start our next adventure. I love the outdoors and doing crafts. I don’t foresee myself getting any specialties soon, but I’ve always had a special interest in exotic pets and wild critters. My most interesting experiences so far have been bathing an African Elephant and getting in a pool to support the weight of a rescued Pelagic Beaked whale calf after a beach strand.”


I got into this field because of my love of animals. My first pet was a dog named Lassie. At home I have 8 dogs with which I share my love of the outdoors by taking long walks. I also have pigeons. In the past I have done nursing and I was a certified saftey trainer. In my off hours I work with the celtic Corgi Rescue.


I chose this line of work because I love animals. Growing up I would always say I wanted to be a doggie doctor. My first pet was a lab/chow mix named Bear. I used to dress him in baby clothes and push him in my baby stroller. Now I have 3 dogs; a lab/boxer mix named Gracie, and 2 Australian Sheperds name Dually and Moose. I have 2 cats named Rocky and Oliver and 2 ducks. In the past I have worked as a manager of KFC and a leasing agent. When I'm not working I enjoy playing with my dogs, being outside, and fishing. 



I have two cats Finnegan a Siamese tabby and Winnie a dilute calico. Winnie is my most interesting pet because she is part dog. She likes to play fetch, have her belly rubbed, and sit with you when you're eating. My first pet was a golden retriever named Susie. She was the sweetest girl and a gentle soul. 

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My first pet is a cat named Bugs and my most interesting pet is Catrick Swayze, he likes to spin in chairs. My favorite animal is the leopard. When not working I enjoy kayaking. 

Cierra Garcia.heic

I chose this field of work because I've always loved animals and wanted to help them in any way that I could. I have a dog named Axel, he's a Siberian Husky. We like to go for long walks and car rides together.