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We'd like to share some reminders and tips to help keep your animal companions safe this Halloween. 

Trick or Treat

Halloween should be a time for fun and lots of treats. Here's some tips on avoiding some tricks.

  • Pets should always be supervised when wearing costumes. Loose pieces or items that your pet could chew or choke on should be removed. Costumes should be the right size for your pet so that they do not pinch, rub, or come loose during normal wear and tear. 

  • Keep all sweets and candies locked up out of your pets' reach. Chocolate and other sweeteners can be poisonous to your pets. If your pet has eaten something you believe might be dangerous for them or is acting sick, contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinarian right away. 

  • If your pet will be out at night make sure they have a reflector or light on their collar to make them visible in case they get out on the road.  

  • If you will have visitors or trick or treaters coming to your house remember to lock nervous pets or runners into a carrier, kennel, or unused room to prevent escapees. 

  • Decorations, especially electrical cords, should be kept out of your pet's reach or in areas to which they do not have access. 

  • Get an ID tag of some kind or update old ID tags so that if your pet is lost, they can be returned to you quickly.

  • Get pets microchipped or update your information if your pet is already microchipped.

  • Take a current picture of your pet including any unique markings for use on a poster in case they get lost. 

Have a spooky but safe Halloween! 

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