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We are always looking out for your pet's health. Please keep the following in mind this spring for pet safety. 

Grass Close Up

Spring is a great time to get outside and make some changes to the yard. While change can be good, some things should be carefully considered for your pet's safety. 

  • Mulching is very popular in flower beds and can not only help the flowers but create a scenic landscape on your property. A lot of different mulches can contain harmful chemicals for your pets that may make them sick or even cause death. When selecting a mulch for your yard ensure that it is a pet safe product. 

  • Spring has everyone thinking about all the beautiful flowers hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils to name a few. Certain flowers can be dangerous to your pets so please check labels, do your research, and either plant pet safe plants or make sure that poisonous plants are fenced off. 

  • Winter storms can cause wear and damage to fencing. Spring is a great time to take a look and make sure that all your fencing is in good shape. Fix problem spots and make sure that your pet can go out in the yard safely. 

  • While you're looking your fence over any pet housing should be checked for leaks or flooding possibilities. Your pet's outdoor home should be a dry, protected, safe space for them to relax. 

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