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In Hospital Testing

Lenny, Dog Dental X-Ray Normal

We try to provide a friendly and stress free environment for you and your pet. This includes providing as many services in house as possible so that you can get answers fast. 

What we offer...

Radiographies (X-Rays)

We are able to take x-rays at our hospital, typically the same day as your appointment unless your pet requires sedation. Animals must remain off of food and water for a period of time, typically since midnight the day before, being sedated.  

Complete Blood Count (CBC), General Chemistries, & Thyroid Testing

These are all blood tests that can be carried out at our hospital during a normally scheduled appointment. 


Other Tests

Heartworm Testing

Feline Leukemia Testing

Fungal Testing 

Urine Testing

Skin Scrapes

Fecal Testing

Parvo Virus Testing

Giardia Testing

Dental X-Rays

We are now offering dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are an important tool to help determine the health of your pet's teeth and gums, allowing our veterinarians better insight into current and potential problems.  



Ultrasounds are used to investigate soft tissues in the body such as the organs, look for fluid accumulation, and of course pregnancies.  


What's the difference between Ultrasound and Radiographies? Read on...


Animals will need a wellness exam to determine which tests are necessary. Estimates can not be provided until a veterinarian has seen the animal. If you have multiple animals that you suspect will need to be tested please notify us at the time you are scheduling your appointment. 

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