Large Animal Services

This page contains a list of our common large animal services. Sorry but we are no longer taking new horse clients. For estimates on services please call us at 405-360-8990.

Our veterinarians will come to your property for outcalls at an extra service charge. You must have an area to seperate and restrain the animals if necessary. For cattle we require that you have a working chute.

Cattle Vaccinations

Brucellosis vaccine at 4-12 months to heifers only (preferable at 4-10 months).

Covexin-8 (Black leg and Tetanus) - at 6 months

                Boost in one month

                *also done at castrating and dehorning if not current at time

                  of the procedure.

Triangle 10 (respiratory disease/Lepto)- give at 6 months                 Boost in 1 month

Rabies - give at 6 months (optional but recommended)

Cattle Annual Visit

Annual: Covexin 8, Triangle 9, and Rabies

Fecals recommended - a few samples from the herd during processing

ivomec injectable is our most routine wormer.

Other Cattle Services


Applying ear tags



Pregnancy Checks

Tumor Removal

General Surgery

Discuss Herd Health

Please discuss these options at time of appointment so we can anticipate time and needs.


Tetanus anti-toxin at kidding

3 month old: Clostridium C & D/Tetanus

            Boost again in 3-4 weeks, and Rabies

Annual: Clost. C & D/Tetanus and Rabies

We recommend fecals 1-2 times a year. Worming schedule will be up to the Doctors.

Castrations are recommended at 6 months.

Horse Vaccinations

Tetanus anti-toxin at foaling (full dose).

6 month foals: FluvacT4, West Nile, Rabes

    Booster in 1 month: FluvacT4 & West Nile

Annual: FluvacT4, West Nile, & Rabies

Pregnant Mares: Rhino Vacc. at 5 months, 7 months, & 9 months

We recommend fecals yearly.