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Available Services

Dental Care

Wellness Exam

This is a physical exam of your pet that should be done yearly and is required for a veterinarian to provide any prescription medication.  Wellness exams are the first line of defense against many preventable diseases and help to establish a base line for your pet's health. They provide an opportunity for you to ask questions or address concerns about your pet's health with your veterinarian. This is the time to bring up any changes in diet, behavior, or activity. 

Dental Care

Just like people your pet can get dental diseases and just like people they need preventative care. If your pet has bad breath, red gums,or plaque he/she is already exhibiting signs of dental disease. We provide cleanings and removal of teeth when necessary. Dentals are by appointment only and may only be done after a recent wellness exam has been conducted. For our current clients we have discounts for dentals during the month of February.


Vaccinations are the first step in preventative healthcare. A rabies vaccination is required by law for every dog and cat. Other vaccinations can save your pet from life-threatening diseases such as Parvovirus and Distemper virus.  


Puppy Vaccinations


Kitten Vaccinations



We offer grooming at our clinic through an outside groomer on Mondays and Fridays. Please call our office to make your appointment. 


Microchipping is a simple procedure that involves a chip being inserted between your pet's shoulder blades by an injection with a large needle. It only takes one appointment and online registration to ensure a happy reunion between you and a lost pet. Thunderbird currently uses PetLink for our microchipping needs. 

We provide free microchip scans for found pets. 


We offer pet boarding as a service for our current clients. Space is limited so please call ahead of time to book your pet(s)' stay. We recommend that any dogs being boarded at any facility either be current on or receive a Bordetella vaccination for kennel cough before being boarded as a safety precaution. 

Pet Boarding Form


We provide general surgeries such as:

Spay and Neuter,
Tumor Removal,
Wound Care,
Bladder Stone Removal,
Gastrointestinal Exploratory Surgery,
and others
Please call 405-360-8990 for estimates and scheduling. Veterinarians will not provide surgery without a wellness exam.   

End of Life and Memorials

One of the hardest things about pet ownership is facing the loss of your beloved companion. We strive to make the transition as easy as possible for both pet and owner by providing end of life care. Our veterinarians will even travel to your home if necessary, just call to schedule an appointment. We also offer pet cremations through an outside company.  For prices on cremation and urns please inquire at the front desk or call us at (405) 360-8990. 

MLS Laser Therapy

We are proud to offer MLS Laser Therapy as an effective, proven, pain free treatment option for our clients who want to ease their pet's pain and inflammation.


MLS Laser Therapy is a simple non-invasive procedure that may be preformed in the time of a regularly scheduled appointment. 



Online Pharmacy

Thunderbird is working with Vet Source to provide prescriptions online. You may also order directly from our office, just call (405) 360-8990 to have your refilled prescriptions mailed directly to you or ... 

order online with Vet Source.

Heartworm Treatment

The best treatment for heartworms is prevention, but if your pet already has heartworms there are some treatment options. Please call and make an appointment to schedule a heartworm test and discuss treatment options with one of our veterinarians.

Read more about heartworms. 


In Hospital Testing

Most of the tests we perform can be done at the hospital which means less time traveling from clinic to clinic and less time waiting for results. 


Many tests can be performed the same day as your pet's appointment as long as they don't require sedation. 


Read more about our available tests.  

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