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Vaccinations are the first step in preventative healthcare. A rabies vaccination is required by law for every dog and cat. Other vaccinations can save your pet from life-threatening diseases such as Parvo virus and Distemper virus.  


Every vaccinated pet will receive a rabies tag. The tag not only provides proof of vaccination but when placed on your pets collar may bring them home when lost. Each tag has a different vaccination number as well as the name and number of the veterinary hospital that provided the vaccination.

Oklahoma State 

Rabies Vaccination Requirements

  • All dogs, cats, and ferrets should be vaccinated with rabies by a licensed veterinarian by the age of 4 months and every year after that. 

  • If your pet is past due for the rabies vaccination even if its just by a little bit the state of Oklahoma will not recognize that the pet is current on their vaccination. 

  • Even inside pets have to have a licensed Veterinarian administered rabies vaccination in the state of Oklahoma.

Dog Vaccinations

Two dogs

Adult Dogs​​
Yearly Visits should include:​
  • Doctor Exam to check ears, teeth, heart, lungs and any lumps and bumps they may have

  • ​Rabies Shot 1 Year - (If your pet received a rabies shot within 1 year from their last shot they may be eligible for a three year Rabies shot.)

  • ​DHLPP 1 year - (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) May be eligible for 3 year DHP shot after 3 Years of age, then will need a yearly LeptoVax shot)

  • Fecal - please bring a fresh stool (feces) sample if possible. One fecal per dog per year. 

  • Heartworm Check (Yearly to screen for resistant strains of heartworms)

  • Year Round Heartworm Prevention

  • Flea/Tick Prevention 

  • Preventative Diagnostic Testing based on pet's age


Cat Vaccinations

Feline Friend

Adult Cats

Yearly visits should include:
  • Doctor Exam to check ears, teeth, heart, lungs and any lumps/bumps they may have

  • FVRCP/FeLk is our Distemper/Leukemia Combo - 1 year shot

  • Rabies - after 1 year if given within 1 year of their last shot might be eligible for 3 year shot

  • FVRCP - after 2 years might be eligible for a 3 year shot (if given all kitten shots)

  • A risk assessment for FELV and FIV.

  • Fecal - Please bring a fresh stool (feces) sample

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